Welcome to Huel Pottery Gallery and Website

We (Carole and Paul) make a variety of stoneware pottery that can be used and enjoyed daily. We feel that pottery lends itself to a close connection between potter, user and our long human history of using clay vessels. Our work in clay at this point in human history is not a craft of necessity but is a mark of self expression and self exploration, and of choosing handmade over mass production. Much of our pottery originates in the basic human joys of eating and cooking and home decoration, with all their overtones: fireside, nourishment, caring and celebration. There is a built in closeness that beckons.

This website shows only a portion of what we have in our Kispiox Valley studio gallery. Handcrafted, our pottery can vary in size and style, such as the various sizes of serving bowls. Some pieces are one of a kind, others are more standardized, but all are unique because they are made by hand as are our glazes which incorporate local river clay.

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Gallery entrance
mountain view
Gate sign
Gallery tile display
Studio in winter
Ceramic Lantern
The potters